Rexburg Idaho

Rexburg is one of the top ten largest cities in Idaho, partially due to the LDS church owned BYU-Idaho Campus.

Rexburg Water Park

Rexburg Strives to be an ideal family community; going out of their way with a wide variety of parks including, water parks nature parks & skate parks along with your traditional parks.

Rexburg is a hub for many smaller surrounding communities and yet a short 4 hour trip away from Metropolises such as Boise or Salt Lake City. You’ll find rural entertainment even closer. We’re a short trip away from the Grand Tetons or Yellowstone National Park. If you’re into motorsports you’ll find the area’s largest motorsports: Rexburg Motorsports. And you can take just about any powerful motorsport vehicle up to the dunes in St. Anthony, a short 20 minute trip. While you’re there you may want to checkout the National Defense Caves or ice caves.

If ice caves aren’t your thing you might be into Chiz’ Cougar Cave: a hole in the wall, homestyle restaurant where if you don’t happen to like the food you’ll probably end up enjoying the conversation. There are also other home town classic restaurants such as Pizza Pie Cafe (formerly Criegos) or Big Juds which is just a short drive to the south or Rexburg.

People in East Idaho often refer to Rexburg as “Iceburg” due to temperatures typically being about 10 degrees cooler here. .