AWESOME price for Sketchers Shape-Ups

So I am not going to lie, since these shoes hit the market I have totally made fun of them! They aren’t the most sylish shoe in my opinion and I have a hard time thinking that they REALLY do what they say they do. However, as time goes on I have heard more and more amazing things about these shoes and decided to purchase my first pair. I got a great deal on their tone-ups over at Famous Footwear last weekend and they are amazingly comfortable. I use them to run in and love them and so quickly started thinking about getting a pair of the shape-ups for walking in when I take my kiddos on our summer walks. I put the thought off knowing that Sketchers cost quite a bit but then came accross this deal and just had to grab it! Over at One Stop Plus they have their Shape ups ‘Fitness’ Sneaker on clearance for $53.09 plus if you use the code JLE4473 it slashes the price to $26.55! After you add in shipping the final cost is $33.53! If you have been waiting to try these at a decent price or already love them and want to try them anyways go HERE! By the way I have heard that with the shape-ups you want to order at least 1/2 size bigger than you normally wear!

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