Lewis Financial Management

Lewis Financial Management has been providing our clients with comprehensive financial planning. They pride ourselves on being far more than “wealth managers.” They believe in TOTAL financial planning and helping our clients along the path to achieving their goals. Learning how to take the right steps for your financial future can be a daunting task.

Lewis Financial Management, LLC is located at:

4904 Professional Ct.
Suite 101
Raleigh, NC 27609
Phone: 919-872-7000
Toll Free: 877-872-7001

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Rexburg Motorsports Review

Rexburg Motor Sports
We’ve never owned an ATV or any other fun vehicle that you’ll find at Rexburg Motorsports. You’ve probably already heard that they’ve got an awesome selection of inventory and there’s quite a few people (myself included) that enjoy dropping by just to see all the cool stuff with little intention of buying.


When we walked in we were quickly approached by Chase Egbert. We told him what we were looking for; a small 4×4 ATV, and he did a great job of showing us all the options. One of the options he had shown us was a 2×4 ATV. We were happy with the size and took it for a test drive. My wife & I are both new to riding ATV’s and so we didn’t know what to expect with the test drive, we were just looking to get more familiar with the machine.

Chase noticed that the ATV, although listed as a 4×4, was infact a 4×2. It was nice to have an honest salesperson that pointed that out where you know there are some clients that could have easily been fooled.

When we finally decided on a different ATV that was out of stock, Chase put a lot of effort into getting it in as soon as possible. He did a create job of entertaining our odd requests.


rexburg motor bike
As a part of the purchase they walk you through the entire store, walk you through the manual and make sure you have everything you’ll need. In our case we found items like helmets & ramps to be cheaper at Amazon over Rexburg Motor Sports, but if you’re into supporting local businesses it might be worth the extra money to get them at RMS.


They’ve got lots of options. Luckily the sales team mentioned 6 months same as cash, because the financing department never did. Just like buying a car you get offered warranties that we chose to pass on, but there wasn’t a bunch of pressure to buy something we weren’t looking to get. Warranties seem to be a religious issue so they’re respectful of whichever side you’re on.


A lot of your experience comes down to your salesperson. We were lucky to have Chase. He was down to earth and honest. Treated us great as people that are new to ATV’s and people that may not have purchased.

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4th of July Parade

Rexburg will hold it’s annual parade at 10 AM the 4th of July. EISNLIVE will be streaming event. To watch see the video below:

Get Microsoft Silverlight

People come from surrounding communities like St. Anthony and Rigby to see the Rexburg 4th of July parade. Fireworks are held later in the evening by the fairgrounds.

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Pizza Pie Cafe Review

If you come to Rexburg looking for the classic Creigos you’ll find it within the new Pizza Pie Cafe. In fact all that really has changed is the name from Creigos to Pizza Pie Cafe.

Pizza Pie Cafe


There’s a wide selection of pizza flavors, some that you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else like the spud-O-Licious pizza.

Pizza Pie Cafe on UrbanspoonOther flavors you’ll find include pesto veggie, mac & cheese, Chicken Alfredo, Hillbilly, BBQ Chicken, Buffalow wing Thing, Chicken Ranch, Breakfast pizza, Firefighter Rick or PPC Combo. ┬áIf that’s not enough choices they’ve also got cheezy breadsticks, pasta, a salad bar, & dessert Pizza.

Salad Bar

If you come and go to the salad bar twice your friends probably made you come. It’s not the highlight but the seem to always have it well stocked with a variety of fresh choices.


You may not even notice the pasta bar off to the right. They’ve got about 6 different sauces and 8 noodles to choose from in building your pasta dinner. Again, the pasta probably won’t ever be your reason for coming, but it’s a nice alternative if you’re friends want to go but you’re not a huge pizza fan (if those people exist).

Dessert Pizza

If you don’t think they got creative enough with their pizza flavors you can move down the line to their Dessert Pizzas where you’ll find Oreo Desert Pizza, Rasberry, Apple, cookie dough or peach.


Adults eat dinner for $8.25 and lunch for $7.25 although you can often get coupons delivered to your door to lower the price. You can also catch happy hours, which is essentially the off peak hours, where it’s only $5 for the buffet (where the pizza sits a little longer).

It’s a family friendly cost structure where kids 3-4 eat for $2.25, 5-8 yrs. eat $4.25 & 9-11 yrs. eat for $5.25.

Eat Your Crust

You’ll be sure to find pleanty of querks about Pizza Pie Cafe in Rexburg like the ugliest bathroom: something they are quite proud of. You might also see t-shirts ordering you to “Eat your Crust!” don’t worry if crust isn’t your thing, it’s all bark and no bite.

Directions to Pizza Pie Cafe in Rexburg

(click the marker to get directions)

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Rexburg Water Park, Why?

Rexburg Water Park

Rexburg Rapids Prices
Rexburg Rapids Hours
Rexburg Rapids Location

In 2011 Rexburg enhanced the city with a water park. You may be thinking of the Rexburg water park by Porter park closer to the center of the city and closer to the BYU-I campus. That water park that only runs for a few months each year because there is snow on the ground for a solid 6 months and 20 MPH winds for most of the summer. That’s not the one. We’re talking about Rexburg Rapids.

Rexburg Rapids opened this year on May 26 with an outdoor high of 56 degrees. Rexburg Rapids is scheduled to be open through the 3rd of September for a grand total of just over 3 months of operation.

Continue reading

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Zaycon Chicken Tenders

We’ve been a fan of Zycon’s beef, chicken & bacon for a while now and so we were more than willing to try out their latest product- Zycon Chicken tenders. We opted for the original rather than the home style and have found them to be up to par with their other foods.

When we opened our 20 pound box we were surprised how thin the pieces were. It’s about a quarter inch of meat. Compared to Tyson chicken they’re quite a bit more thin but they make up for it in quality. 20 pieces or so in we have yet to come across a piece of dark meat or “goo” and believe my wife always finds them!

After ordering the tenders we wish the normal chicken breasts came in 20 lb varieties so that we could purchase more chicken tenders and less breasts. It’s very much worth the 20 cents to have them pre cooked, in good portions, and without all the mess. So if they happen to be offering chicken tenders in your area don’t wait! Order now!

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Chiz’ Cougar Cave in St Anthony

chiz St AnthonyWhen the biggest push of people to your restaurant is word of mouth referrals you probably are serving up some good eats. That seems to be the case for Chiz’ in St Anthony. By all standards it’s a unique restaurant. Seating is made up of a counter surrounding the kitchen area with 3 sides and 7-8 stools lined up on each side.

Some things you MUST know

You’ll save yourself some time if you know that you should bring some cash. They don’t accept credit cards. And while that may seem quaint to you and contribute to the old school atmosphere, it’s inconvenient to drive from St Anthony back to Rexburg because you don’t believe in cash. Some data on the internet suggests that menu items are under $10. There are actually many things on the menu 0ver $10 so bring at least $40 if you’re going on a date and don’t want to be limited. Continue reading

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Zaycon Foods Review

ZayconPlace your order now because Zaycon foods will be delivering their 93% lean beef at the end of January. If you’re not familiar with Zaycon foods they provide quality products (mainly meats) in bulk. I can only vouch for the Bacon, Beef & Chicken but it’s a great deal and a wonderful way to save as food costs continue to rise. Continue reading

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Rexburg Motor Sports

rexburg motor sports

Although Rexburg Motor Sports only has 2.5 stars on their Google places, they’ve still got a lot of cool stuff to look at! We’ve actually purchased from Rexburg motor sports and done a full review. If you’d like to check out all the nifty stuff at Rexburg Motor Sports here’s how you get there: Continue reading

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$1 Jimmy Johns – Eastern Idaho

October 6th Jimmy Johns will be offering $1 subs to Idaho Falls and Rexburg during lunch. One per person! I know I’ll be bringing my 1 & 3 year olds!

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