Chiz’ Cougar Cave in St Anthony

chiz St AnthonyWhen the biggest push of people to your restaurant is word of mouth referrals you probably are serving up some good eats. That seems to be the case for Chiz’ in St Anthony. By all standards it’s a unique restaurant. Seating is made up of a counter surrounding the kitchen area with 3 sides and 7-8 stools lined up on each side.

Some things you MUST know

You’ll save yourself some time if you know that you should bring some cash. They don’t accept credit cards. And while that may seem quaint to you and contribute to the old school atmosphere, it’s inconvenient to drive from St Anthony back to Rexburg because you don’t believe in cash. Some data on the internet suggests that menu items are under $10. There are actually many things on the menu 0ver $10 so bring at least $40 if you’re going on a date and don’t want to be limited.

The Food

Before we even got a chance to eat we were informed by a Chiz’ regular that you can’t go wrong choosing an item from the menu. Chiz’ has shrimp, Chinese food, Steak, Ribs, Chicken, Prime rib… quite the variety. We chose to sample the K.C steak ($13.45) & Sweet & Sour with Chowmein ($7.85).

Steak with Fries

The steak plate was the winner of the two options. The steak was good but the fries were a nice touch along with the toast.

chow mein & sweet & sour I can’t speak for all the the Chinese food but in hind sight I probably would have chosen the fried rice over chowmein. I was expecting chowmein more like Panda Express chowmein, but they had what is probably the more authentic chowmein. The pork was good & tender but the whole plate was missing the “wow” that I expected after hearing all the great reviews.

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Directions to Chiz’ in St Anthony

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  1. Kimber says:

    Its a good place if you have a chance go in i love working there

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