Pizza Pie Cafe Review

If you come to Rexburg looking for the classic Creigos you’ll find it within the new Pizza Pie Cafe. In fact all that really has changed is the name from Creigos to Pizza Pie Cafe.

Pizza Pie Cafe


There’s a wide selection of pizza flavors, some that you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else like the spud-O-Licious pizza.

Pizza Pie Cafe on UrbanspoonOther flavors you’ll find include pesto veggie, mac & cheese, Chicken Alfredo, Hillbilly, BBQ Chicken, Buffalow wing Thing, Chicken Ranch, Breakfast pizza, Firefighter Rick or PPC Combo. ┬áIf that’s not enough choices they’ve also got cheezy breadsticks, pasta, a salad bar, & dessert Pizza.

Salad Bar

If you come and go to the salad bar twice your friends probably made you come. It’s not the highlight but the seem to always have it well stocked with a variety of fresh choices.


You may not even notice the pasta bar off to the right. They’ve got about 6 different sauces and 8 noodles to choose from in building your pasta dinner. Again, the pasta probably won’t ever be your reason for coming, but it’s a nice alternative if you’re friends want to go but you’re not a huge pizza fan (if those people exist).

Dessert Pizza

If you don’t think they got creative enough with their pizza flavors you can move down the line to their Dessert Pizzas where you’ll find Oreo Desert Pizza, Rasberry, Apple, cookie dough or peach.


Adults eat dinner for $8.25 and lunch for $7.25 although you can often get coupons delivered to your door to lower the price. You can also catch happy hours, which is essentially the off peak hours, where it’s only $5 for the buffet (where the pizza sits a little longer).

It’s a family friendly cost structure where kids 3-4 eat for $2.25, 5-8 yrs. eat $4.25 & 9-11 yrs. eat for $5.25.

Eat Your Crust

You’ll be sure to find pleanty of querks about Pizza Pie Cafe in Rexburg like the ugliest bathroom: something they are quite proud of. You might also see t-shirts ordering you to “Eat your Crust!” don’t worry if crust isn’t your thing, it’s all bark and no bite.

Directions to Pizza Pie Cafe in Rexburg

(click the marker to get directions)

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