Rexburg Flooding

You’d have to have your head in the sand to not know about the flooding around the nation. Levies have been purposely destroyed and flooded acres of farmland in order to save larger cities such as New Orleans. Those big stories trumped the stories here that Henrys Fork of the Snake river reached flood levels. It was no historic Rexburg flood, but flooding none the less.

The flooding in Rexburg may only get worse into June as rain continues to fall and temperatures continue to rise. One effect home owners should watch out for is contamination of their well. The flooding can cause septic tanks to overflow and contaminate their wells. If you use a well be mindful of your waters condition. Other counsel given to homeowners is to not empty their septic tanks as an empty septic tank will float.

The historic Rexburg flood was caused by the Teton Dam Breaking in June of 1976. At that time just about all but Ricks college was damaged by the flood, this year it was just mild flooding in some backyards that provided some extra fun for kids near the river.

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  1. Joan says:

    It’s funny what gets covered in the news in Rexburg. If there were a pet involved it would be much more heavily covered.

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