Rexburg Motorsports Review

Rexburg Motor Sports
We’ve never owned an ATV or any other fun vehicle that you’ll find at Rexburg Motorsports. You’ve probably already heard that they’ve got an awesome selection of inventory and there’s quite a few people (myself included) that enjoy dropping by just to see all the cool stuff with little intention of buying.


When we walked in we were quickly approached by Chase Egbert. We told him what we were looking for; a small 4×4 ATV, and he did a great job of showing us all the options. One of the options he had shown us was a 2×4 ATV. We were happy with the size and took it for a test drive. My wife & I are both new to riding ATV’s and so we didn’t know what to expect with the test drive, we were just looking to get more familiar with the machine.

Chase noticed that the ATV, although listed as a 4×4, was infact a 4×2. It was nice to have an honest salesperson that pointed that out where you know there are some clients that could have easily been fooled.

When we finally decided on a different ATV that was out of stock, Chase put a lot of effort into getting it in as soon as possible. He did a create job of entertaining our odd requests.


rexburg motor bike
As a part of the purchase they walk you through the entire store, walk you through the manual and make sure you have everything you’ll need. In our case we found items like helmets & ramps to be cheaper at Amazon over Rexburg Motor Sports, but if you’re into supporting local businesses it might be worth the extra money to get them at RMS.


They’ve got lots of options. Luckily the sales team mentioned 6 months same as cash, because the financing department never did. Just like buying a car you get offered warranties that we chose to pass on, but there wasn’t a bunch of pressure to buy something we weren’t looking to get. Warranties seem to be a religious issue so they’re respectful of whichever side you’re on.


A lot of your experience comes down to your salesperson. We were lucky to have Chase. He was down to earth and honest. Treated us great as people that are new to ATV’s and people that may not have purchased.

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  1. Keesa Fullmer says:

    I’ve worked with Chase before as well and was very impressed to have some one not make me feel dumb or be pushy. Nice Review!

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