Rexburg Water Park, Why?

Rexburg Water Park

Rexburg Rapids Prices
Rexburg Rapids Hours
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In 2011 Rexburg enhanced the city with a water park. You may be thinking of the Rexburg water park by Porter park closer to the center of the city and closer to the BYU-I campus. That water park that only runs for a few months each year because there is snow on the ground for a solid 6 months and 20 MPH winds for most of the summer. That’s not the one. We’re talking about Rexburg Rapids.

Rexburg Rapids opened this year on May 26 with an outdoor high of 56 degrees. Rexburg Rapids is scheduled to be open through the 3rd of September for a grand total of just over 3 months of operation.


Rexburg Water Park Hours

You can follow the water park on facebook to be up to date on heating issues to know when they are closed (like they were yesterday). But the general water park hours are as follows:


6:00am-8:00am ………Fitness Swim
2:00pm-5:30pm ………Day Open Swim


2:00pm-5:30pm ……….Day Open Swim
6:00pm-8:00pm ……….Evening Reservation (facility available for exclusive rentals only)


6:00am-8:00am ………Fitness Swim
2:00pm-5:30pm ………Day Open Swim


2:00pm-5:30pm ……….Day Open Swim
6:00pm-8:00pm ……….Evening Reservation (facility available for exclusive rentals only)


6:00am-8:00am ……….Fitness Swim
2:00pm-5:30pm ……….Day Open Swim


1:00pm-8:00pm Day Open Swim



Rexburg Water park Prices

If you’re inclined to visit the Rexburg Water Park and contribute more than you’ve already contributed in taxes, here are the rates you can expect:

Open Swim     Daytime   1:00-5:30 Evening  5:30-8:00
Open Swim (0-3 years) *Swim diaper & liner required, not included. Free Free
Open Swim (Age 4-59) $       5.00 $       4.50
Open Swim (age 60+) Including Veterans and Armed Services. $       4.00 $       3.00
Slide Pass   (48? or taller only, unless pass swim test) $       1.50 Free
Non-Swimming Entry $       2.75 $       2.75
Large group rentals (200 people max) available 6:00-8:00 M,W,F,S. $    275.00
Tuesday and Thursday Evenings available for exclusive rental only. (900 people max) $    875.00

Rexburg Water Park Location

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  1. Derek says:

    Were there any adults in the room when they decided to do this project?

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