Zaycon Chicken Tenders

We’ve been a fan of Zycon’s beef, chicken & bacon for a while now and so we were more than willing to try out their latest product- Zycon Chicken tenders. We opted for the original rather than the home style and have found them to be up to par with their other foods.

When we opened our 20 pound box we were surprised how thin the pieces were. It’s about a quarter inch of meat. Compared to Tyson chicken they’re quite a bit more thin but they make up for it in quality. 20 pieces or so in we have yet to come across a piece of dark meat or “goo” and believe my wife always finds them!

After ordering the tenders we wish the normal chicken breasts came in 20 lb varieties so that we could purchase more chicken tenders and less breasts. It’s very much worth the 20 cents to have them pre cooked, in good portions, and without all the mess. So if they happen to be offering chicken tenders in your area don’t wait! Order now!

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